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Refund Policy

  1. ✔ If the HostPico fails to provide support or any other problem, then the client can take refund, if more than 7 days refund request will not be accepted.

    ✔ Once any domain registration is done, that domain money will not be refunded, if any domain transfer is initiated, it will also not be refunded.

    ✔ Any VPS or Dedicated Server is completely non-refundable

    ✔ There is no moneyback guarantee on reseller hosting

    ✔ If your service is cancelled/suspended/terminated due to non-compliance with our terms then no refund will be admissible.

    ✔ Money deposited in the client’s account cannot be refunded, it can be used to buy any service.

    ✔ Cancellation requests from any location other than client area will not be accepted.

    ✔ After submitting the cancellation request, the account cannot be made reactive in any way, you have to purchase a new package.

    ✳Cancellation and Refunds Procedure

    ✔ If you want to cancel the service, you have to submit a cancel request from the client area. To do this click on the icon next to the package you want to cancel then press ‘Request Cancellation’ then you must fill and submit the form.

    [immediate cancellation means your package will be deleted within 1-24 hours of submitting the cancellation request.

    End of Billing Period means it will be active till the last billing date after which it will be auto canceled. Selecting this will not apply for refund]

    ✔ After submitting the cancellation request the billing department will open a ticket, then it may take from 1 day to maximum 15 days depending on the gateway. Sending charges/gateway charges/cash out charges will be deducted for any refund.

    ✔ If credit balance refund is taken to HostPico’s account, you will get refund within 1 minute-1 hour, you need to write credit balance refund on the ticket.

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